Christ our Savior, Davao City continues to grow

10 people being confirmed by Bishop Gene Lilly at Christ our Savior in Davao City Philippines. 31 people were received into the church and 18 people were reaffirmed in the faith. It was a glorious day with a big feast with lechon and lots of food. After lunch the young people met and agreed in […]

New Church started in Toril, Mindanao Philippines

Bishop Gene Lilly announces a new church in Toril a city outside of Davao in Southern Mindanao. They will be received this Sunday into the Southern Mindanao Diocese of the ICCEC. They started as a home bible study led by Father Manuel Nacional. They are planning a building in t he very near future as […]

Celebration in Manila

The news of the election of Bishop Craig Bates as the Patriarch was received with such joy that a call went forth to prepare the fattened calf. And added to it were some “not-so-biblical” swine and chickens. Many thanks to the Cathedral of the King for sharing this wonderful video!

To the new Patriarch from the diocese of Northern Mindanao, Philippines

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