Prayers for Kenya

Jesus told us that those who are blessed are those who make peace. Our prayers go out to all the people of Kenya in this difficult time in their history. Particularly we pray for those in the Rift Valley, Kisumu, Navasha, Gilgal, and Nakuru. We pray for Bishops Bernard Obora Afwanda, Joshua Ayoo Koyo, and […]

Cathedral of the Intercessor’s Youth Group Raises $14,100 for Africa Missions

African Outreach 2007 During the month of December to participate in the season of Advent, Cathedral Church of the Intercessor’s youth group, Grounded & Settled, raised money to benefit our brothers and sisters in the CEC that live in Africa. The youth spent the month gathering donations from friends, family and church members with the […]

Bishop Njoroge’s statement about the election

This is a new day for the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church. I participated in the election of the Patriarch as an elector representing the African continent. Thousands of Christians, Bishops , and clergy from this region prayed to God for the election of the New Patriarch. The election of Bishop Bates was […]