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Many have requested an update and more information for the upcoming CEC For Life events at the March for Life 2008. This is truly shaping up to be the fullest and in my opinion most exciting time we have had in DC. I will try to give you the most updated information and schedule that I have available.

All Sunday events will take place at the Holiday Inn Capitol Inn 550 C Street, Washington, DC.

Sunday January 20

7:00PM – Our new Patriarch, the Most Reverend Craig Bates will open our time in Washington with a solemn Eucharist. The importance of the Patriarch being with us as we stand for the sanctity of all human life cannot be underestimated. Bishop Bates has always been a staunch and steadfast figure in promoting the Gospel of Life.

7:30PM – Our first of two rallies will begin with worship as we gather to hear Fr. Carl Lynn speak to the faithful. Fr. Carl is a young, dynamic and sought after speaker who challenges everyone to “cultivate hearts of compassion for the least of these”. He has been active in Pro-life ministry with me for many years. He and his wife, Milly are expecting their sixth child very soon. Fr. Carl serves as the director of Restoration Academy in Fairfield, Alabama, which is an urban school that serves as a model for urban ministries across the United States. He also serves as the Assistant Rector of The Church of the Reconciler, an actively Pro-life CEC Church in Fairfield, which is a suburb of Birmingham.

Monday January 21

8:30AM – Our youth and whoever else would like to go will participate in prayer vigils at two local abortion clinics. They will also have a prayer walk between the two clinics. We will join Brian Kemper and Stand True Ministries for these events. Bryan is the founder of Rock for Life and the organizer of the very successful Silent Day of Solidarity event.

Monday evening events will all be held at the Holiday Inn Capitol Inn 550 C Street, Washington, DC.

1:30PM – The youth will visit the National Holocaust Museum. The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators.

7:00PM – Solemn Eucharist with our new Patriarch, the Most Reverend Craig Bates. We will also be joined by Archbishop Charles Jones, Bishop Michael Davidson, and Bishop David Simpson. To know that our Bishops are supporting our youth and their efforts to stop child killing in America is a comfort that fills my heart with joy. Leaders who really lead are in short supply these days.

7:30 PM – Worship and Rally with Silent No More Director Georgette Forney. Georgette is the President of Anglicans for Life and the co-founder of the National Silent No More Awareness Campaign. Georgette serves on the National Episcopal Church Standing Committee for National Concerns and the National Pro-Life Religious Council’s Board of Directors. There will also be testimonies from Silent No More members as well as a Q&A with Ms. Forney.

Tuesday January 22

8:00 AM – We ask that all CEC participants, especially clergy join with Fr. Frank Pavone and the National Pro-life Religious Council for the National Memorial for the Preborn. The event will take place at The Lutheran Church of the Reformation, 212 East Capitol Street, Washington, DC 20003. Participants must be seated by 8:30am. Tony Melendez will be our special musical guest this year. This event is co-sponsored by CEC For Life and every year we have had the best clergy participation of anyone. Let us continue to be a sign of Life to the rest of the Body of Christ. You do not want to miss the dynamic preaching of Fr. Frank Pavone.

Note: “Our use of space at Church of the Reformation does not indicate endorsement or sponsorship by the church.”

12:30 PM – This year we will again pray the Liturgy at the Time of Death for the Pre-born in front of the United States Supreme Court. The Courthouse stands as a symbol of authority in our nation. It is the site of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision and the importance of our time of prayer to the true Supreme Authority is a huge priority. We will be declaring the humanity of the pre-born

1:30 PM – we will join the more than 100,000 Pro-life Christians in the annual March for Life symbolically and prophetically declaring to the principalities and powers of this world that the Culture of Death will not continue to stand as God’s people believe by faith that “the Glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.”

You may not have made your plans yet to come to Washington, but I ask you to pray that if God is tugging at your heart to come, please obey Him. It is not too late. Our communion is marching in to a new day and our unity in standing for life as we have always done under Patriarch Adler must continue and yes, even accelerate under the leadership of Patriarch Bates and the rest of our leaders. Come to DC and bring your youth and watch as they begin to take the reigns of leadership in bringing about a Culture of Life.

Blessings and Peace,

Fr. Terry Gensemer+

Director, CEC For Life


Georgette will be our Guest Speaker on Monday Jan. 21, 2008 which will be the second of two rallies planned at this year’s March for Life.
Location: Holiday Inn Capitol Inn
550 C Street Washington, DC

Georgette Forney to Speak at CEC For Life Rally
President, Anglicans for Life
Co-Founder, Silent No More Awareness Campaign

Georgette has been married to Jim Forney for 24 years and they have a sixteen-year-old daughter named Rebekah. Georgette is a member of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Sewickley, Pennsylvania where she and her husband are home group

leaders. She is the President of Anglicans for Life and the co-founder of the National Silent No More Awareness Campaign. Georgette serves on the National Episcopal Church Standing Committee for National Concerns and the National Pro-Life Religious Council’s Board of Directors.
Georgette had an abortion at age sixteen and nineteen years later experienced healing, forgiveness and reconciliation after going through the Forgiven and Set Free healing program. Through her healing and restoration experience, she developed a greater understanding of the negative impact abortion has on women and on society. Her passion for helping women find peace after abortion is matched by her desire to see young people make positive life choices.
In September 2005, Georgette’s speaking went internationally when she presented at the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children’s Annual Conference in England, in April 2005, she spoke at Princeton University’s Organization of Women Leaders Conference and in May she was invited by the White House to attend a meeting with 19 religious leaders and President Bush. In the spring of 2004, Georgette addressed the Senate Commerce sub-committee on Science, Technology and Space, chaired by Senator Brownback (KS-R) regarding the impact of abortion on women’s health. She has addressed numerous State Right to Life conventions and rallies, College and University Students for Life organizations and conferences including, the 21st Century Renewal Conference. She hosted the television infomercial “Tilly.” In addition, she regularly speaks at Episcopal and Anglican Churches nationwide and in June 2003, she addressed the Pro-Life Caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives concerning the impact of abortion on women. She has spoken at the National Right to Life Convention for the last eight years as well as at the National Memorial for the Unborn Service in Washington, D.C.
Anglicans for Life is a life-affirming ministry in the worldwide Anglican Communion that advocates the sanctity of life from conception to natural death in the Church and society. Their vision is to stand for the value of every human life as reveled in Scripture and equip people to develop a biblical response to issues that threaten human life.
The National Silent No More Awareness Campaign is a national effort to raise awareness about the physical, spiritual and emotional harm abortion does to women. The Campaign also wants to let those who are hurting from abortion know help is available.

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