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25,000 hits

This weekend reached the 25,000 hit mark. Thanks again for all of the visitors, readers and contributors. Advertisements

15Questions: Explained

Many of you saw the post with the logo above. To avoid confusion we want to explain what this is all about. We decided that since the whole goal of cechome is to bridge the gap for news, resources and connectivity that we should profile the inner workings of the “church”. We all know that […]

10,000: a milestone

It has been less than two weeks that this site has been in its new format, and we have already hit a major milestone. Today we have reached 10,000 hits. This is an amazing number and a testament to the importance of communication, unity, and connectivity. Thank you for making this site so successful. Thank […]

Old News is Good News

OK, not all old news is good news, but we are still discovering new news and wanted to have something to say. So while we are gathering new news we are just putting up old news and whatever. Perhaps I could share a song… This is sung to the tune “Non Nobis Domine”. OK, Let’s […]

Beginnings and Development

We just wanted to thank everybody for the overwhelming success that this site has become already. The amount of traffic to it is not only astounding, but very exciting. The site is and will be continually updated with content, resources, and graphics. There will be more to come in other areas of social networking for […]