Church and Seminary museum trip

On a cold Saturday (1-26-08), Georgia. Bishop David Epps and Fr. Bob Roethel accompanied a group of Seminarians and some members of St. Luke CEC, of Manchester, Georgia, on a field trip to LaGrange, Georgia. The educational trip, organized by Canon Robert Wills, included the visit of two museums. First, we visited a Russian Icon Exhibit at the LaGrange Art Museum. The Bibb Collection, on loan from a New Orleans art museum, features 70 icons written during the 16th through 19th centuries from several different schools of iconography. Many of these were rescued from destruction under the Communists during Stalin’s reign of terror. Some, like the 16th century icon of St. George pictured here, have burn marks on them, being saved from fires designed to eradicate Christian symbolism.


This photo shows the CEC group at the Iconography exhibit.


After leaving the Icon exhibit, we visited the LaGrange Museum of Antiquities. This museum features a program that uses archeology, Bible stories, and reproductions of cultural items from the Holy Land to teach visitors about life during Bible times. A guide-lecturer presents the life of a shepherd, the life of a farmer, and the life of a villager at the time of Christ. There are reproductions of olive presses, sheep folds, wells, a Beduin tent, a village, and a place of crucifixion.

Pictured below in a goat hair tent are, Bishop Epps and seminarians Jason Epps and James Gardner .


The trip was educational, interesting, and provided the clergy present with several new sermon illustrations.

Submitted By Canon Robert Wills

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