Last Tuesday, close to 200 CEC members descended upon Washington, D.C. to take a stand for the sanctity of life. After two successful nights of rallies, a large number of CEC clergy and laity participated in an ecumenical service for the pre-born in the Senate Building, which was sponsored by Priests for Life, CEC for Life, and a number of other organizations. It was truly a blessing to see that among all the clergy that participated in the service, close to half were CEC! What a great statement that made to the other denominations present that the CEC is PRO-LIFE!

Fr. Terry and CEC for Life did a fantastic job organizing everyone and bringing this communion together to make a statement that abortion is wrong, as well as remember those children who were killed in their own mothers’ wombs over the last year. Here is a video clip of the service held in front of the Supreme Court.

See more videos here

Alan Melanson
Church of the Intercessor, NE Diocese

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