Report from the March for Life 2008

March for Life  2008

Today yielded very interesting events and experiences. To begin the day, the CEC youth joined the Stand True ministry and other members of the CEC and other denominations around the country, to pray outside of an abortion clinic. Brian Kemper, the leader and founder of Stand True, then gathered everyone who was there together and told us rejoicing, that the abortion clinics in Washington D.C. were closed and that no babies would die in D.C. that day! Next on the agenda for the CEC youth was visiting the Holocaust Museum and Memorial in Washington D.C. Of course everyone has heard of the Holocaust and its savagery, but to see artifacts from it up close and hear survivors of the Holocaust speak about their experiences in Nazi camps, was an eye opener. When we first walked into the museum, we were given little booklets with individual people and there stories on them. The cards told of people who went through the Holocaust and told whether they survived the Nazi camps or not. The museum was composed of four levels and each level succeeding level told more about the Holocaust. A few artifacts that gripped me the most where a pile of shoes that the Jewish people wore, the cattle and box train cars that the Jewish people were transported in to the camps, and a few furnaces where the Nazis cremated people (dead or alive).

After the Holocaust Museum the CEC youth traveled back to the hotel where another rally was held. The rally was started with Communion and then went into worship. As always, the worship time was powerful. After worship the Silent No More Awareness Campaign ( got up and took the floor. Georgette Forney who is the co-founder of Silent No More Awareness Campaign spoke a few words of what exactly the campaign does and is about. She then introduced six courageous ladies who stood up and told about their abortion experiences and how they recovered through God’s mercy and forgiveness. Their names were Julie, Deb, Lucy, Sara (who sang a beautiful song that she wrote and composed), Leslie, and Nicole. When they were done, they were responded to by standing ovation by the audience and definitely a good amount of tears in just about everybody’s eyes.

Tuesday morning saw the CEC youth making their way over to the Hart senate building to participate in the ecumenical service that was being held there. When the CEC youth arrived at the service, all the seats were taken so we had to stand in the back, but nobody complained. The service was composed of readings, talks of inspiration, and songs being sung. The readings and talks where moving and inspiring, but the most moving of all was one of the singers named Tony Melendez. Tony Melendez is 46 and is a world renowned singer, speaker, composer, and guitar player. He was born with no arms and a club foot, but that has not stopped his spirit. His body may be deformed, but his spirit is clearly not. He graced the audience of the ecumenical service by singing and playing the guitar with his feet.

After the service the CEC youth traveled to the Supreme Court building where we joined up with more pro-lifers for a Litany for the Unborn. One thing that I found especially moving about the litany was that on the cover of each pamphlet was a picture of the belly of a pregnant woman and the impression of a little foot on her skin. I find this very profound because it proves that even when the baby is still in the womb, it has the features of a human being. After the litany the CEC youth and members of the Intercessor Church traveled to a side street off of Constitution Avenue and waited for the tide of people of the March for Life to sweep by. When the march did come the CEC members watched it go by for a little bit before joining it. Even though we watched the march for five to ten minutes, I was amazed with a capital “a,” the amount of people that were part of it. After marching for a little bit, the CEC youth branched off and traveled to the building where the Stand True ministry and other pro-life organizations were situated. After looking around and buying a few t-shirts and other merchandise from the Stand True booth, the CEC youth traveled back to the hotel to pack up and set out for home. Even though we left the March for Life, the March for Life will never leave us until it is not needed.

Justin Bethany
Church of the Intercessor

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