March for Life begins with CEC Youth Rally

On Sunday January 20th, youth from around the CEC met together for a rally of praise and worship. The rally was started with the introduction of the priests and bishops who gathered in Washington D.C. to be with us and to participate in the March for Life on Tuesday the 22. Among the bishops and priests here in Washington are Archbishop Chuck Jones, Bishop Mike Davison, Bishop David Simpson, and the newly elected Patriarch of the CEC, Bishop Craig Bates. Although these men and the other clergy here have many things on their plate they still took the time to be with the youth tonight.

The Patriarch Celebrating the Eucharist at the Youth Rally

Communion was set up and celebrated. After Communion, members of the youth group band from the Church of the Intercessor, along with a few men from Alabama, led the rally in songs of praise and worship. After rejoicing in the Lord and his glory during the worship, we were blessed with the message of a song written and performed by a lady by the name of Meagan. She herself has never had abortion, but she remarked that she has her own son who is less than a month old. In having her son, she claimed that her eyes were open and that she began to realize why it is so important to take a stand against abortion. As Meagan said, we can all speak out on the issue of abortion because it is an issue of life and death. Her song was dedicated to all the women who have had abortions, and it tells of the emptiness from having an abortion.

Next on the agenda of the rally was a truly inspiring and fantastic teaching from Father Carl Lynn from the Church of the Reconciler in Alabama. Father Carl’s teaching was about the battlefield that is presented before us every day regarding the issue of abortion. He spoke of how we cannot look for the end, but to endure and wait for God’s perfect timing to make it to the end. He also spoke of how we never have enough to give, but we are required to give what we do have, and God will put his special blessing on it – which will make it profound. To end the rally with a bang, the worship band led the people in a few more songs of praise and worship and a prayer to send us off on our journey for the next few days.

submitted by Justin Bethany
Cathedral Church of the Intercessor, Diocese of the Northeast

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