Daily Office Lectionary Bookmarks for February 2008

My name is Deacon Kevin Prager, and I serve at Christ Jesus Victor CEC in Brunswick, Maine under the leadership of Father Peter Donatelli. A few years ago, Bishop Bates asked me to be the chairperson for a diocesan working group on prayer. It has been a great honor to serve in this capacity. Since then, we have undertaken several projects for the diocese-the most widely received being monthly bookmarks that have the daily office Scripture readings printed on them.

Click here for the
Large Print Bookmarks

Click here for the
Regular Print Bookmarks

These bookmarks were designed by seminarian Craig Honeycutt, who has put many hours of sweat and love into their design and monthly publishing.

Please take a moment to look at the bookmark for February. It is formatted to be printed as a double sided 8.5×11 inch document and then cut to size. There are 2 versions of the bookmark: a regular sized and a large-print edition.

Stay tuned for the debut of our prayer resource blog in the next month or so, where we will be expanding the number of prayer resources available to the faithful of the ICCEC.

Dcn. Kevin Prager
Christ Jesus Victor CEC


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