2008 March for Life

Last summer I had the awesome privilege to step foot in an abortion-free country, Ireland. I traveled with Fr. Terry of CEC for Life and a group of tenacious young adults to work with Youth Defense, a pro-life group that is said to be responsible for keeping Ireland abortion-free after joining the European Union. It was so exciting to see so many young adults filled with righteous indignation concerning the killing of innocent children. You can read some of the quotes from the CEC young adults that traveled with us on CEC for Life‘s website.

I am looking forward to spending time with the young adults of the CEC at the March for Life in DC this year. I believe with all my heart that this generation is going to end the legalized killing of innocent children. They will stop this great holocaust!

CEC for Life is hosting to two rallies at the Holiday Inn on C Street (you can find all the details on CEC for Life’s website). I would encourage you to bring your young adults to these events, or just come and see for yourself how God is raising up the next generation to end baby killing. It is my prayer that every diocese is represented at these events. Let’s encourage this next generation to continue the fight and taste the victory!

Alan Melanson
Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries
Cathedral Church of the Intercessor

2007 CEC for Life trip to Ireland

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