Bishop Davidson on the Election of the Patriarch

When the Lord is going to bless you He will bring someone into your life. God in His grace and wisdom has seen fit to bring Bishop Bates into our lives as our Patriarch.On behalf of the Central Province I express our joy and excitement over the election of Bishop Bates. He is the man for this season in our communion.

For the last eight years I have had the privilege of sitting with Bishop Bates in the House of Bishops. During this time I have witnessed his wisdom and ability to lead. Also, I have had the opportunity to experience the wonderful hospitality of his wife Cathy and the friendship of the people of his Cathedral and Diocese.

Through the leadership of Bishop Bates the ICCEC will be enriched and blessed. We stand with him ready to serve the least, the lonely and the lost. We thank God for the blessing He has brought into our lives.

Bishop Michael Davidson
Bishop of the Central Province

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