Daily Archives: January 15th, 2008

From Bishop Craig Bates, Patriarch of the ICCEC

You Did Not Choose Me I have just arrived home from Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida. Sunday, the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord Jesus, I had the wonderful opportunity of preaching at the Church of the Messiah and spending some time with their Rector and Rector¹s Council and their wives. These men and women […]

Backgammon: The Road to the CEC

A couple years ago I was unemployed, recovering from surgery and overall pretty down about things. My sister had just gotten married, a ground that proved too fertile for my divorced parents to leave alone and they successfully threw daggers at one another putting a damper on what should have been a very happy occasion. […]

Bishop Davidson on the Election of the Patriarch

When the Lord is going to bless you He will bring someone into your life. God in His grace and wisdom has seen fit to bring Bishop Bates into our lives as our Patriarch.On behalf of the Central Province I express our joy and excitement over the election of Bishop Bates. He is the man […]

The Time is Now

I look forward to the 2008 March For Life more than ever before. I am encouraged for many reasons, not the least of which is the growing intensity of the battle. After several years of domination by a political party that promised everything, yet delivered very little, maybe the church will wake up and realize […]