Bishop Epps statement about the election

It is with joy that I congratulate The Most Rev’d Craig Bates on his unanimous election as the Second Patriarch of the ICCEC. I believe the scriptures teach that it is God who raises up leaders for His own purposes at His appointed times. While Moses received God’s vision for God’s purposes for His people, when the time of Moses was concluded, Joshua was presented with the same task and the same vision–the vision was never the property of Moses or of Joshua but the vision of God! There have been a number of gifted visionaries and leaders in the first decade and a half of the ICCEC and for this I am most grateful. Now, as we begin a new season, I am also grateful that the stewardship for God’s vision for the ICCEC has been placed upon the shoulders of Bishop Bates. I trust and am confident that he and those who assist him are well able to continue the journey of our communion into a wonderful and glorious future. May humility fill our new Patriarch’s heart and may his leadership sustain and nourish God’s people and boldly proclaim His Kingdom!

The Most Rev’d W. David Epps

Bishop, Serving the Mid-South Diocese, USA

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