Archbishop Woodall’s statement about the election

What a joy it was to be able to witness the unity of our Bishops at the selection of Bp. Bates as the Second Patriarch for the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church. For weeks we have been praying for God’s direction for this most important meeting and I know He heard those prayers and answered them according to His will.

There were members of the US Primate’s Council and of the US House of Bishops present just so they could pray while the Patriarch’s Council met, as well as several priests who also came to pray. Some were concerned that the meeting would go beyond the first day but when God speaks and His people are obedient, what might normally take days was accomplished in a matter of hours, from the secret nominations by the College of Archbishops to the selection of Bp. Bates, and the ratification of the election by the College of Archbishops, what might have taken days was quickly accomplished to the glory of God.

My prayer is that every member of the CEC would now focus on our church going forward and for the anointing of God’s Spirit not only on the new Patriarch, but for every member of the CEC. May we run with the vision that was given in the birth of this expression of Christ’s Body back in 1992 and not allow anything to derail us in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It has been my privilege to be one of the early members of the CEC. I have witnessed the best and the worst but have always known this is where God called me in 1992. God willing, this is where I will stand!

++Douglas S. Woodall
Archbishop. Archdiocese of the Armed Forces and Federal Chaplaincy (USA)
Member, International College of Archbishops
Member, Primate’s Council (USA).

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