15Questions: Explained

Many of you saw the post with the logo above. To avoid confusion we want to explain what this is all about. We decided that since the whole goal of cechome is to bridge the gap for news, resources and connectivity that we should profile the inner workings of the “church”. We all know that the church is made up of its people, so we will be periodically profiling different people. There will be some of women/men in ministry, women/men not in ministry, priests, decons, bishops, and others. We think one of the greatest insights we can have when looking at the CEC is looking at the people who make up our churches.

Some of the questions are simple, some are lighthearted and fun, and some give us a real in depth look at those who are helping our churches advance the kingdom. We will have the logo on the side soon so you can go back and read about these great men and women.

We hope you enjoy these profiles and get a sense of family from them.

CECCommunications Team

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