Daily Archives: January 10th, 2008

Archbishop Garcia’s statement about the election

Estou absolutamente seguro que iremos viver na CEC um novo capítulo. Acredito que a nossa Igreja esta mais madura para viver esse novo tempo de uma forma muito mais excelente. O Patriarca Bispo Bates, certamente, será usado para liderar a nossa Igreja nos próximos anos com sabedoria e amor. Ele necessitará de nossa ajuda, compreensão […]

10,000: a milestone

It has been less than two weeks that this site has been in its new format, and we have already hit a major milestone. Today we have reached 10,000 hits. This is an amazing number and a testament to the importance of communication, unity, and connectivity. Thank you for making this site so successful. Thank […]

Statement to the Faithful of the ICCEC

Today I humbly accepted the call to serve our communion as Patriarch. My mentor and spiritual father, Bishop Frank Constantino, told me that we sometimes know God’s will by three things: First, it is something that you do not want to do; Second, the task is much bigger than you are; And third, you cannot […]