Bp. Holloway update

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December 31st:

Dear Bishop David,

I just thought you may like to hear some good news concerning +John. Yesterday he sang Happy Birthday to Jacob — half of it out loud, on pitch with every word, with a HUGE grin on his face. Today with Nancy Hoffman (his Speech Therapist) he sang Amazing Grace, totally on pitch, with his own voice, most of it by himself because Nancy was in tears.

He is eating so much we have been able to cut his canned food in half most days. He has not been on the feeding pump for almost 2 weeks. He has gotten in the past two days to at least mouth the words he wants to say, and do it correctly so we understand everything he is saying (or trying to). Bishop Craig sent us a version of O Holy Night which we played today. It is hysterically funny — Bishop laughed out loud!

So exciting news at the beginning of 2008 – a year of truly new beginnings! When I asked him about that, he told me yes, it truly is a year of new beginnings.

Have a blessed and happy new year — a year of new beginnings for us all! I love you and Bishop John said to tell you, GO DAWGS!

Much love,

Bishop John and Elaine

Please keep the Holloway family in your daily prayers.

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