Sanctity of Life Sunday 2008

A letter from CEC for Life:

January 2008,

Dear Rector,

January 20th is Sanctity of Life Sunday in our Communion. This is a day to encourage national repentance for the sin of abortion that has destroyed thousands of human beings who were not given the right to be born. It is also a day to celebrate the life that each one of us is given by our Creator. The bishops of our Communion have asked that this day also be used to renew memberships to CEC for Life. You will be receiving a Sanctity of Life Sunday(SOLS) packet in the mail that provides information and instructions about distributing materials for each member of your congregation to become a member of CEC for Life. It is only through financial memberships that we are able to proclaim the Gospel of Life throughout the church, and to those who have not heard the good news of life. The readings for SOLS have been chosen to reflect our attitude for this Sunday and to remind us that human life is God’s most precious creation and love. The liturgical color for Sunday January 20th is red. Please use SOLS to deliver a homily about the sanctity of life, use the readings for SOLS that are given in the calendar and ask your congregation to renew their commitment to CEC for Life and the protection of the sanctity of life.

Thank you for your support and dedication to protecting life!

For More Information Contact:
Fr. Terry Gensemer, Director
Jacob Jones, Assistant Administrator
CEC for Life

Readings and Collect for Sanctity of Life Sunday 2008
Rescue of the Pre-Born (Sanctity of Life)
O God of Beginnings, You are the Creator of all life. As we begin this week, be near us as we unite with our Pre-born brothers and sisters who are scheduled for death. May you by your Holy Spirit and by the voice of your church lead your people to rescue from death the innocent children and bring those who participate in their death to true repentance that they may taste of your goodness and mercy; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Preface of Epiphany, or of the Lord’s Day

Genesis 1:26-31

Psalm 139
1 Corinthians 15:20-21,54-57
John 11:21-27

Liturgical Color is red.

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