CEC Chaplains:Mass in Iraq

CEC Chaplains: It is really difficult risking your life daily in a combat zone and we need to make sure we remember them in our prayers while they are away or back home.

Here’s a picture of the 13 Chaplains that were able to attend the most recent Chaplains Conference in San Clemente.

Several Chaplains are now in Iraq: Fr. Steve Dundas is currently (5 months) and a few there are leaving for home soon

Three of our chaplains have been awarded the bronze star: Frs. Landon, Balog and Fell

an excerpt from an email sent by Fr. Greg Schluter redeployed to the States on 7 October. This is an older article, but still a blessing to read and see.

My time of ministry here was an absolute blessing from the first day. I was able to pack a few years’ worth of peacetime ministry into seven months. I was able to minister God’s Word and Sacraments daily to numerous Marines & Sailors. During the last seven months, I celebrated Mass 207 times, accompanied troops on 42 various combat missions, and visited Marines & Sailors in isolated battle positions 137 times. I was also subjected to three rocket attacks and three small arms attacks–just enough to say I was shot at, but not enough to get overly concerned.”

Mass in Iraq

information edited 01/01/07
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