From Bishop Yuhanna in Pakistan

Dear Brethern in Christ,

The last few years in my life are very rough and discouraging but thank to your support and prayers.And through the grace of Jesus the Lord,I am surviving and protected.

On Dec.16,2007, Third Sunday of Advent,we consecrated a small chapel in Wah, located near the historical city of Texila, where 2000 years ago St.Thomas the apostle came on the invitation of a buddhist king to build a palace for him.This way he entered into the sub-continent of India and then he went to the other part of India. Before Christ this city was the home of the ancient cultures and center of the Indus civilizations. This is a small chapel but we believe that this is the mustard seed.The name was given it the Cathedral of St.John the Baptist but we call it St. John’s Cathedral also. This is the first chapel of ICCEC in Pakistan.

On Dec.16,2007 the same day we had also ordination ceremony of a deacon and commissioned 4 lay ministers.This was the powerful and healing time for me and the church over here. I am still busy with the Christmas programs.We are going through a great experience of God’s protection over us.So many life threatening things are happening around us but we believe He is saving us.Every day is with new life Praise the Lord.Our beloved country is going through the crucial period. We are grateful to all of you who keep us in your prayers.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Joyous New year.

+Bishop & Mariam Yuhanna

PS.We appreciate all of your support for the church building and the things e.g. we need the bishop chair,chairs for the priests and people,tabernacle etc.Your small gift for our chapel will be appreciated.If you like to support us financially Please send the check on the name of Church of St.Peter the Fisherman,designated for the St.John’s Cathedral or +Yuhanna’s needs.The address is:
Church of St.Peter,the Fisherman,
314 S.Carolina Ave.
Wilmington,NC 28401Blessings
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