Monthly Archives: December 2007

Purple Shirts, Crosses, and Other Stuff

By Bishop David Epps “What’s with the difference in all the clergy, the different colored shirts they wear, the crosses, and the ‘plus’ signs?” Such have been a few of the questions I have received since my consecration as a bishop in November. I realize that some of what we do, how we act, and […]

CEC Chaplains:Mass in Iraq

CEC Chaplains: It is really difficult risking your life daily in a combat zone and we need to make sure we remember them in our prayers while they are away or back home. Here’s a picture of the 13 Chaplains that were able to attend the most recent Chaplains Conference in San Clemente. Several Chaplains […]

March for Life 2008

Dear Friends of Life, I look forward to the 2008 March more than ever before. I am encouraged for many reasons, not the least of which is the growing intensity of the battle. After several years of domination by a political party that promised everything, yet delivered very little, maybe the church will wake up […]

From Bishop Yuhanna in Pakistan

Dear Brethern in Christ, The last few years in my life are very rough and discouraging but thank to your support and prayers.And through the grace of Jesus the Lord,I am surviving and protected. On Dec.16,2007, Third Sunday of Advent,we consecrated a small chapel in Wah, located near the historical city of Texila, where 2000 […]

CECHome gets a makeover

Welcome to the new CECHome! You can expect great things from this site. Networking, News, important info, events, and links. The feed from this site can be added to your reader. Check back often to stay current with what is happening in the CEC. Thanks…and enjoy, CECCommunications Team

New Patriarch to be Announced

Orlando FL. A special meeting of the College of Arch Bishops will be held Jan 9-11 to elect the next Patriarch of the ICCEC. The results of this decision will be posted on this site. SEE HERE. Collect for the Raising Up of a Patriarch O Lord our God and Father, who resists the proud […]