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Patriarch’s message for beginning Lent

We are the light to the World.

“Blessed are those who consider the poor and the needy!
The Lord will deliver them in time of trouble.”
— Psalm 41.1

The theme of the great days of Epiphany has to do with light coming into the midst of darkness. It is a light not only for just one group of people but for all people everywhere. The Gospel from the beginning was exclusive in that it proclaimed very simply that Jesus was the way, the truth, and the life and no could come to the Father expect through Him. Yet, it was also inclusive because it was not a religion defined by a particular race or ethnic group. The mystery that was hidden but now revealed is that in Christ and at the cross the barriers have been broken down. Read More »

Church and Seminary museum trip

On a cold Saturday (1-26-08), Georgia. Bishop David Epps and Fr. Bob Roethel accompanied a group of Seminarians and some members of St. Luke CEC, of Manchester, Georgia, on a field trip to LaGrange, Georgia. The educational trip, organized by Canon Robert Wills, included the visit of two museums. First, we visited a Russian Icon Exhibit at the LaGrange Art Museum. The Bibb Collection, on loan from a New Orleans art museum, features 70 icons written during the 16th through 19th centuries from several different schools of iconography. Many of these were rescued from destruction under the Communists during Stalin’s reign of terror. Some, like the 16th century icon of St. George pictured here, have burn marks on them, being saved from fires designed to eradicate Christian symbolism. Read More »


Last Tuesday, close to 200 CEC members descended upon Washington, D.C. to take a stand for the sanctity of life. After two successful nights of rallies, a large number of CEC clergy and laity participated in an ecumenical service for the pre-born in the Senate Building, which was sponsored by Priests for Life, CEC for Life, and a number of other organizations. It was truly a blessing to see that among all the clergy that participated in the service, close to half were CEC! What a great statement that made to the other denominations present that the CEC is PRO-LIFE!

Fr. Terry and CEC for Life did a fantastic job organizing everyone and bringing this communion together to make a statement that abortion is wrong, as well as remember those children who were killed in their own mothers’ wombs over the last year. Here is a video clip of the service held in front of the Supreme Court.

See more videos here

Alan Melanson
Church of the Intercessor, NE Diocese

Bridge House Graduation

Guytrell Johnson, Case Manager; Albert Pitts, Graduate; Dane Donavon, House Manager

A graduation ceremony was held for Albert Pitts today as he successfully completed the Bridges of New York Transitional Housing Program. Bridges of New York is a faith based program that was started in Florida by Bishop Frank Costantino, and has been brought to New York to continue to transform lives as Bridges of America has been doing for over 30 years. Bridges of New York is run by the Brotherhood of Saint Joseph and the Diocese of the Northeast.

Prayers for Kenya

Jesus told us that those who are blessed are those who make peace. Our prayers go out to all the people of Kenya in this difficult time in their history. Particularly we pray for those in the Rift Valley, Kisumu, Navasha, Gilgal, and Nakuru. We pray for Bishops Bernard Obora Afwanda, Joshua Ayoo Koyo, and Zedekiah Otsula Chunge who serve over the areas of Kenya that are most affected by the outbreaks of violence. We know that these incredible men of God will be given wisdom in bringing the message of reconciliation to the people committed to their care. We stand with all those in Kenya who seek peace. For we know that in Christ Jesus and at the cross all barriers are broken down.

Under His mercy,

The Most Rev. Craig W. Bates,
Patriarch, ICCEC

Archbishop Bates in Africa last July

Christ our Savior, Davao City continues to grow

10 people being confirmed by Bishop Gene Lilly at Christ our Savior in Davao City Philippines. 31 people were received into the church and 18 people were reaffirmed in the faith. It was a glorious day with a big feast with lechon and lots of food. After lunch the young people met and agreed in prayer to be able to come to the International Convocation in Orlando, Florida.

25,000 hits

This weekend cechome.com reached the 25,000 hit mark. Thanks again for all of the visitors, readers and contributors.

Patriarch meets with administrative work group

Archbishop Bates is meeting today through Wednesday in Olathe Kansas with an administrative work group. The purpose of the meeting is to develop a strategic plan for an administrative infrastructure for the ICCEC.

The plan will be presented to the Patriarch’s Council at the February meeting in Orlando. Participating in the meeting today are Archbishop Craig Bates, Bishop Michael Davidson, Father Gregory Ortiz, and Deacon John Garrett.



Patriarch ministers at Overcomers Retreat

Bishop Craig Bates ministered this weekend at the annual Overcomers Retreat sponsored by the Cathedral Church of the Intercessor. The Retreat is held at Mt St Alphonsus Retreat Center in Esopus, NY. The Overcomers Ministry of the Cathedral is a Christian 12-step program of recovery and healing for all those struggling with any life controlling problems.

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